Vivienne | Managing Partner | Alpina Financial Consultants

Vivienne K. Schleu CPA

Managing Partner

Phone: 954-623-7611
Fax: 844-846-0098

Vivienne has been providing financial advice to clients throughout the U.S since 1995.

Vivienne’s passion for assisting others in making healthy financial decisions and plans for the future comes from her personal experience assisting her family with litigation and financial issues following the passing of her father in 1984, the founder of the family’s business.

In 2008, she joined LPL Financial and founded her firm, Alpina Financial Consultants, bringing her practice with her. She continued to build a client base from her dedication to understanding clients’ specific needs and preparing investment and savings plans that were customized to address those needs. In 2015, she founded her own fiduciary advisory firm together with her husband, Gary Mathews. 

For nearly 28 years, Vivienne has helped guide countless clients with strategies to build and preserve their wealth. Her financial planning strategy is rooted in a client specific investment philosophy combined with a tax minimization plan, and insurance-protected portfolio of assets. Her focus is helping small business owners and people from all walks of life, protect their income and plan for retirement. Vivienne’s philosophy is: “A customer is someone you sell something to. A Client is someone you protect.”